Discussions On Women: Girl Meets Guy

It's no secret that I spend a lot of time talking to people about whatever comes to mind. And occasionally, I like to post some of the discussions that I've had with the women I talk to. This particular woman is VERY, VERY, VERY beautiful, and I had a conversation with her about the guy she's engaged to. When I asked her how they met, it wasn't in a bar, it wasn't at a night club or some other random pick-up location. So, how did they meet? A two-hand touch co-ed football league. You'd never expect such a girl to be playing any kind of football, but she does. Why do I post this? Remember what I said about meeting women in various clubs and taking part in activities that interest you? Well, this is exactly where this particular woman spent a lot of her free time. Other than that, she's at the Spa or out having a nice dinner with friends. And then we were talking about how her soon to be husband actually picked her up. They both had a common friend that they both were talking to, the common friend left, and the two of them were alone. Again, another point I've been stressing. You're going to meet a lot of your potential girlfriend's through your social circle. By having a common friend, the guy had an "in" with this particular woman. Moving on, did the guy bullshit her? No, he asked her out. Very direct and no room for misinterpretation. He didn't want to be her friend and he made that clear. No, he didn't use the type of bum-rush direct game that many guys seem to love so much, but he established rapport first, and THEN he asked her out without leaving room for misinterpretation. Never leave room for a woman to manipulate and/or misinterpret you and your intentions. So, she was telling me that after he asked her out, she initially turned him down. And what happened? The guy pulled one my textbook moves. He fucking walked away and paid her no attention whatsoever. As she was going on with her story, she told me that the guy seemed too young for her at first, but as time went on, she began to question herself passing on the guy. He wouldn't show up at bars with their common friends, he never called her again, and he just went about his own business. Are you guys getting this? HE HAD HIS OWN LIFE. He didn't sweat her. He asked her ONCE, and never again. This drives women crazy. All of a sudden, they start second guessing themselves: "Is he avoiding me?", "Why?", "Maybe I DO like him", etc. This is how I get a lot of the women I want. My ex-wife actually stood me up not once, but TWICE before I realized what was going on and started ignoring the hell out of her, causing her to chase after me. She could have had any guy she wanted, but she chased after me simply because I wasn't going to put up with her bullshitting me. Back to the story, the point is, this girl didn't initially want the guy, but simply because he stayed true to himself and DIDN'T PLACE THE PUSSY ABOVE HIMSELF that the girl looked past his faults and she eventually came around and started chasing him. Another real world example brought to you by real world experience. No bullshit.